Basic Computer Education

A training program exclusively designed to make novice users acquainted with computers so that they get rid of their fear and start using it without any hesitation of damaging it due to their usage.

Program Highlights

  •  Understand computer hardware at high level
  •  Learn Windows® operating system basic concepts
  •  Basic computer operations & navigation
  •  Hard disk drives and file storage
  •  Concept of files and folders
  •  Best practices to store files in folders
  •  Understand what are software and how do they work
  •  Various kinds of file types and identifying them with their icons
  •  Viewing photos and playing multimedia files like songs and movies
  •  Concept of internet, browsers, browsing basics & online security
  •  Websites and its basic elements
  •  Important Google applications – Gmail and Google Drive
  •  Basic fundamentals of Email and Email communication


Day 1
1 Hr.

Computer Hardware Fundamentals

  1. What is A Computer
  2. Parts of a Computer
  3. Buttons, Sockets, Ports and Slots
  4. Laptop Computers Netbooks, Tablets

Day 1
1 Hr.

Day 2 - 4
3 Days
1 Hr. Each Day

Operating System

  1. Microsoft Windows OS
  2. Start menu
  3. Understand control panel
  4. Themes and personal settings
  5. Hard disk drives partitions
  6. Various icons and it’s usage
  7. Files, folders and operations on it
  8. Information storage on computer

Day 4
1 Hr.


  1. What is an application/software
  2. Installing and un-installing software
  3. Using various software
  4. Antivirus software

Day 4
1 Hr.

Day 5
1 Hr.

Connecting to Internet

  1. Basics of Internet
  2. Internet Browser – IE, Firefox, Chrome
  3. Accessing websites and its types
  4. Internet safety
  5. Google and information searching
  6. Emailing and attachment handling
  7. Gmail, Google Drive and Docs
  8. Downloading and uploading files
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