Portal and Intranet Solution

Portal and Intranet SolutionA web portal is a kind of enterprise web solution which can handle entire chain of business operations across all your business verticals.

It can provides an integrated view of different existing applications and can also help in bringing all the departmental websites, respective human resources and business operations under one hood.

We can build tailor-made portals with integrated intranet departmental websites to offer a connected experience to serve your customers, partners and employees.

What Our Solution Offers

Enterprise Portals

An integrated portals for your partners, suppliers, agents, franchises and other trusted allies which can greatly minimize IT management efforts and expenses.

Customer Self-Service Sites

Make it easy for your customers to get things done while reducing the cost of supporting and letting them perform many tasks through a single entry point.

Corporate Website

Corporate websites that are gorgeously personalized to audiences and needs and seamlessly connects with your backend application to offer an integrated solution


Intranet based internal portal that presents a unified view of departmental websites so as to offer controlled accessibility of information to employees

Integration Platform

An Integration Platform that unify systems, data and processes together with data fed directly into your existing CRM, ERP, HR and other multitude of applications.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

A custom enterprise solutions platform that helps in efficiently helps in horizontal growth with new apps and features, built on one platform in a phase-wise manner
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