Online Exam System

Online Examination System Evaluation that touches upon every key aspect of learnings on a subject matter is essential to establish the credibility of knowledge of a student. It is crucial that an exam is incarnated in such a way that it is able to accurately achieve it's objectives and produce quantifiable results that can help an institution in building a strategic learning plan for it's students.

Our solution is a perfect fit for institutions which are actively involved in training and coaching . It offers features that can help you create custom exams specific to your requirements and evaluate your students on wide range of parameters.

What Our Solution Offers

Manage Users & Students

Create users and assign them into different groups. Assign groups to exams. Analyse student performance so as to identify areas of improvement

Question Bank

Create and store unlimited questions in question bank and assign into categories and levels. Add question manually or Import questions from MS excel(.xls) and MS word(.docx) file.

Instruction and Communication

Live classroom to share live text with users. Any text typing by admin will be visible instantly to online users. Admin can attach/share any file (image, pdf, ppt, doc etc..) under live classroom.

Question Types

Multiple choice single answers, Multiple choice multiple answers, Short answer or Fillups, Match the columns, Long answer

Conduct Exams

Create exams and set parameters like Start & End date/time, Allowable IP addresses, Max attempts, Assign to groups, View/Hide answers after quiz, user photo capture and many other features

Earn from Paid Subscription

You can create paid group. user have to pay online to register for paid group. It supports paypal, 2checkout, payumoney and paytm payment gateway.
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