Learning Management Solution

Learning Management Solution Change in the style of education delivery has been a constant phenomenon in human history. Today, at the time digital revolution, the pace of this change has raised many folds. A lot of technological tools like digital boards, smart class rooms, projectors, electronic pens, tablets, laptops, e-books are playing a collective role in the advancement of education delivery.

For an educational institute to excel, it is a must to have a comprehensive learning management solution in place which can manage the complete life cycle of education of a student at every grade with a timely scientific evaluation supported by informative grading that can help teacher and student to tune the education delivery so as to acquire pragmatic knowledge and learnings.

What Our Solution Offers

Learning Management

Instructors and learners share knowledge, collaborate and engage in a wide spectrum of technology-enabled learning experiences, supported by an intuitive, modern user interface

Project Collaboration

Student groups, faculty committees and leadership teams can collaborate using project collaboration spaces to encourage participation and expedite progress on collaborative activities beyond the classroom

Instruction and Communication

Assignments, Gradebook, Graded Discussions, Grades and Feedback, Lesson Builder, Syllabus, Tests & Quizzes, Announcements, Calendar, Chat, Discussion Forums, Drop Box, Email Participants, Group Email List, Messages, Podcasts, Polls, Wikis

Research Collaboration

Faculty members and research organizations collaborate with co-investigators to share information, generate findings and communicate across geographies, organizations and disciplines

Language Support

With support of more than 20 languages preference selectable at both the system and course/project site levels, it can be a true internalized solution for your university for knowledge delivery

User & Site Features

Individual Workspace, Admin Workspace, Social Profiles, Groups, Homepage, Manage Resources, Manage Site, Mass Upload, Section Management, Site Information, Site Roster, Site Statistics, Multi-Browser Support, Mobile Friendly, OpenMeetings Integration, RSS Feeds
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