Live Chat Support System

Chat Support System Online chat support plays a crucial role in engaging your customers in their pre-sales query resolution. It also plays equally important role in post sales support queries. It is one of the easiest and quickest platform for your customers to get in touch with you.

Some research suggests, there are a large number of internet users and customers who first look for a chat based system to interact if they visit your website and are looking for answers to their queries. The reason is that, they can communicate at their pace and convenience; may be, doing some work also parallelly. Some users don't feel comfortable in communicating with customer care over telephone with that zig-zag option of pressing different numbers and finally able to reach to a person to talk to.

So, a chat support system can help your website becoming more interactive and building a reputation in a great way embarking your proactive nature in customer communication and willingness to resolve queries to their satisfaction.

What Our Solution Offers

Main Features

  •  Real-time chat (without page refresh)
  •  Unlimited operators, chats, and users
  •  Unlimited departments (groups of operators)
  •  Priority queue of visitors
  •  Tracking of visitors
  •  Ability to invite a visitor to chat
  •  SMTP support for email notifications

Chat Window

  •  Optional pre-chat survey
  •  Operator and visitor "Typing Indicator"
  •  Operator’s photo in visitors chat
  •  Chat transcript emails
  •  Sound and visual alerts on new message
  •  Enable/disable notification sound
  •  Customize chat with your Logo, Name etc.
  •  Quickly convert text to hyperlinks in chat
  •  Not blocked by pop-up blockers
  •  Protection against automated spam (captcha)
  •  Auto-reconnect if the internet connection went down

Groups of Operators (Departments)

  •  Assign operator to multiple groups
  •  Hierarchy of groups
  •  Isolated groups
  •  Group canned messages
  •  Ability to select group in pre-chat survey
  •  Group button with online/offline status

Chat Button

  •  Shows online/offline status
  •  Ready for email signatures
  •  Using different buttons on the same domain
  •  "Leave a message" when you are away
  •  Department buttons
  •  Button-as-text link
  •  Button-as-input field to call a specific operator

Operator Abilites

  •  Web-based Operator Console with away mode
  •  Canned messages for speed and consistency
  •  Track where your visitors clicked from to get to your site
  •  Chat conversation history with search
  •  Instant access to previous chats
  •  Visitor Info.: first message, address, geo-location
  •  Notification messages when visitors changes page
  •  Reassign/Transfer chat ownership
  •  Mark/Highlight nuisance visitors
  •  Administrator can view active chats or take over
  •  Daily statistical reports


  •  Adding and managing canned responses
  •  Performance options to control server load
  •  Themed templated-based administrative interface
  •  Themes preview mode for easy interface customization
  •  Enable/disable features like Groups, Malicious Visitors, Survey etc.
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