Content Management Solution

Content/Document ManagementA content management system (CMS) manages the complete life cycle of digital content.

Broadly, a CMS can be categorized in two flavors. One is "Web Content Management System (WCM or WCMS)" and other is "Digital Asset Management Systems" or commonly called "Document Management System (DMS)". In most of the CMS systems one or other flavor is found to have dominance.

A WCM type of CMS has stronger roots to support the management of the content of web pages while Digital Asset Management Systems are more focused on managing file based contents such as documents, video files, images, etc. accomponied by indexing or metadata with clearly defined ownerships and fine grained access control rights. Organizations, primarily use DMS to store, control, revise and publish documents and automate file/folder centric business processes.

Our focus in this solution offering is on DMS where we help our clients in achieving the goal of an efficient paper less governance and operation model.

Challenges of Physical Files & Folders

As a business individual or organization, management of physical files and folders and digital files generated as part of work starts becoming a behemoth task after a few years of successful business operations. For smart and efficient working which leads to consistently accurate and quality deliveries, you ought to have a solution in place which can manage the lifecycle of any digital content so as to run your content specific business operations smoothly.Without a proper solution, you can face many challenges like below.
Scattered Files & Folders
Managing Information Context
  •  Files stored across computers, shared drives, USB disks, emails, etc.
  •  Multiple versions of same files like quotation1, quote1_bkp, quote1_new
  •  No proper organization and naming of files and folders
  •  Time consuming search for documents when required urgently
  •  Difficulty in transforming docs in different formats
  •  Contextual identification of documents like PO, Invoices, Agreements etc.
  •  Storing documents with respect to their context (metadata) in your system
  •  Appropriate naming and organization of files and folders
  •  Searching documents based on document context & other metadata
  •  Managing any content based on mime type (.doc .ppt .xls .jpg .mp3 .mp4)
Productivity & Accountability
In Information Governance
  •  Efficient and quality delivery of tasks
Physical movement of files and folders limits the efficiency and consistent accuracy of deliveries due to human factor. It also risks loss of crucial files.
  •  Perplexity on roles and responsibilities bring forth pass the buck attitude
  •  Difficult to implement SLAs for timely completion of work
  •  Difficulty in gathering the relevant documents related to a case
Imagine a worst case scenario, where all of sudden you need to get all critical files related to a case by the end of day and files are lying in different computers and file storage facilities.
  •  Policy based creation, retention and storage and disposition of files
  •  Sensitive business information in risk of being falling in wrong hands
Collaborating with Team & Clients
Document Security
  •  Can you involve your whole team in collaborating on a project?
  •  Can your team members comment on any document?
  •  Can you access content from outside of your firewall and keep it secure?
  •  Can you share documents with your clients?
  •  Can you share them with internal experts from other teams?
  •  Physical document based working can’t ensure who sees what
  •  Controling the movement of files is difficult in open office environments
  •  Is your project bid viewable by everyone?
  •  Is your new product blue print lying on desktop?
  •  Is the rate contract with your client lying on a shared drive?

How It Helps You

Business Document Management

Standardize content into a flexible data model with centralized enterprise grade secured storage, access and version control to keep track of changes.

Operational Automation

Automation of manual proesses establishes clearcut delegation of tasks & cognizance of responsibility resulting gain in operational performance

Extended Enterprise Collaboration

Controlled and secured information sharing within organization and with all stake holders improves partner engagement and vendor management

Managing Information Context

Organize and consolidate content with full indexing that helps in quickly searching information & documents resulting in improved productivity

In Information Governance

With seamlessly integrated cradle-to-grave records management you strengthen the compliance and simplify the content control at the same time.

Information & Content Security

Data security with role based access control system prevents unauthorized access and provides controlled accessibility on documents and folders

What Our Solution Offers

Document Scanning and Capture

Convert static documents into actionable structured data by extracting meaningful information from and drive intelligent and dynamic business processes.

Mobile Process Services

Effective collaboration relies on instant access to content, wherever you are. Mobile CS allows employees to view, edit and share information in and out of the office.

Information Governance

Simplified and strong compliance by automating the entire information lifecycle for documents - from initial capture through archive or final destruction.

Process Management

Tightly integrated, intelligent, highly optimized BPM and ECM capabilities streamline content-intensive processes & enable faster, more informed decision making.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance with the right processes, which deliver complete transparency, auditability and reporting to regulators.

Enterprise Collaboration

Dedicated project sites and rich collaboration tools make it easy for teams to work on documents, share knowledge and stay in sync.
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