Asset Management

Portal and Intranet Solution Optimal utilization of assets with minimal down-time requires aforethought pro-active maintenance and break-down recovery plan and is what which plays decisive role in getting maximum return on investment for your assets. This is one of the most challenging task for even the most process oriented organizations in the world.

Without an enterprise-grade, complete and solid product, in both technology and functions which caters to all the essential dimensions of asset management, it is virtually impossible to put your assets to optimal usage.
We work closely with our clients to understand and model the entire structure of their organization assets like buildings, installations, movable assets and related maintaining activities. Our solution helps in managing mobile assets (equipment, technical elements, furniture, etc.) and real estate (buildings, infrastructure in the area, etc.) and related maintenance activities (planned and breakdown), logistical and economic. It also helps the managing authority to know, organize and update strategic data related to the asset inventory, in order to support their decision and operative procedures.

Who Needs Asset Management

It is useful to those who have to maintain the efficiency of their buildings, movable assets, plants, technological networks and urban infrastructures in following areas but not limited to:

  •  Local and Central Public Admnistrations
  •  Banks and Insurance companies
  •  Hospitals and public and private healthcare systems
  •  Schools and Universities
  •  Service companies
  •  Industrial companies with production facilities
  •  Transport infrastructures

What Our Solution Offers

Infrastructure Management

Manage inventory and real estate plants, technical asset and furniture items,external infrastructures and green areas

Breakdown Maintenance

Open the request, check and approve it by help desk, forward the working order to the expert team, take charge, record the activities report

Budget & Environment

Manage registries, budgets and purchases with provisional, operative, final and control analysis. Recording and analysis of information related to energy and environmental control

Maintenance Manual

Use the Maintenance Manual as a knowledge base to manage the maintenance activities in a right way

Logistic Management

Support for the logistic management of movable assets, of spare parts and building materials (stores)

Geo Reference

Support the newest BIM extensions (Building Information Modeling) and georeference buildings and infrastructures on the territory with online maps such as OpenStreetMap and Google Maps
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