Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarm based premise security solutions are one of the most real-time security arrangements available currently. These systems are based on various kinds of integrated sensor devices connected with a control panel. The range of sensors includes motion sensors, door sensor, glass break sensors, gas sensor, vibration/shock sensor etc. This system plays the most crucial role in preventing the unauthorized personal from even entering your premise. Once the alarm goes off, registered person receives an automated call on his/her mobile number or land line number and if CCTV cameras are also installed, he/she can login to the CCTV app on mobile and take a look at the premise. One can also call neighbours or alert local security authorities on any breach found.

Product Range

  •  Motion Sensors
  •  Door Sensors
  •  Glass Breakage Sensors
  •  Gas Leakage Sensor
  •  Vibration Sensor
  •  Control Panel

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Our Services

  •  Understand the strategically important locations inside premise
  •  Identify the range and number of sensors required
  •  Installation designing and layouting
  •  Solution installation and configuration
  •  User training
  •  Annual maintenance and support

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