Biometric Security Solution

Biometric security is a security mechanism used to authenticate and provide controlled entry and access to a facility or system based on the automatic and instant verification of an individual's physical characteristics. We have a comprehensive range of biometric products that can offer and end-to-end integrated solution for your premise and asset security.

Product Range

  •  Time & Attendance
  •  Access Control
  •  Guard Petrol System
  •  Turnstiles Flap Barrier
  •  Tripod Turnstiles
  •  Full Height Turnstile
  •  Swing Barrier
  •  Boom Barrier
  •  X-Ray Scanning Machines
  •  Metal Detector
  •  Fingerprint Door Lock
  •  Face Lock
  •  Hotel Lock
  •  Card Lock
  •  Lock Accessories
  •  Proximity Cards

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Our Services

  •  Understand the access control requirements
  •  Propose suitable products
  •  Installation designing and layouting
  •  Solution installation and configuration
  •  Creation of sample user data in the devices
  •  User training
  •  Annual maintenance and support

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